Exciting Things!

Two things are making me especially happy today. The first is this blog.  I have never done anything quite like this and, well, I think it is kind of neat.  Learning new things is supposed to slow the aging process, right?

Premier Fabrics is also responsible for today’s smile. Why? I thought this line of upholstery fabrics was too good to be true.  I can find high quality, good looking fabrics in a lot of places.  What I have a hard time finding is fabric that costs about $20 per yard!  Who does that?  Not even the discount stores sell for that price.

So, these textiles must be from some place overseas, right? Wrong.  They are printed in Mississippi!  Yes, you read that correctly.  These fabrics are produced in America!

What about the selection? Premier has indoor and outdoor choices that are printed on cotton or linen.  There are too many styles to describe.  They range from contemporary to traditional and subtle to vibrant.  As I worked on an Auburn Game Day pavilion, I looked through Premier fabric samples to get options for outdoor throw pillows.  I am still narrowing all the choices I found!

I am not being paid to say any of this. The company doesn’t even know I am saying nice things about their product. So, please let me know if you need fabric or if you need to do a project that involves fabric. I would love a reason to go through samples and to help you create something fabulous!

Actually, one more thing is making me grin. I am already thinking about some upcoming events and my next post!

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