The Olde Pink House

  The Olde Pink House Restaurant

It seems that James Habersham did something in 1771 that folks now are doing all the time.  He painted his brand new red brick house white.  For whatever reason the red bled through and he ended up with a pink house.  Mr. Habersham was not into pink houses and decided to add another coat of white.  Guess what?  The red continued to bleed through.  For years, the house was white, pink, white, pink…  An owner in the early 1900’s gave in and committed to pink. 

A few weeks ago I ate a super delicious meal at a restaurant in Savannah, Georgia.  It is called The Olde Pink House.  Yes… that same house!

If only the person in the paint department of the colonial home improvement store recommended primer, the current restaurant might be called The Olde White House.  I can’t fault Mr. Habersham that much.  I can’t because there really wasn’t a Ye Olde Home DIY Store and also because I have done the same thing.  I won’t get into the whole mess but know that by the time that one-coat paint dried I realized it should have been called one- more-coat paint!

Just like in 1771, red bleeds through white…even through special paints that aren’t supposed to allow that.  Trust me…I know!  The lesson:  Prime first, then paint! 

The Olde Pink House gave me plenty more food for thought that I will share another time.

I also got fried green tomatoes that are just to die for.  I won’t be sharing any of those.

Until next time…



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