What Am I Doing with Thrift Store Furniture?

Back in the old days (10-15 years ago, 🙂 ) TV’s were big and boxy.  They were accompanied by chunky cable boxes, VCR’s, DVD players and, oftentimes, gaming systems.  Add to those a stereo system, growing video collections and, well, a person needed storage!

That storage was the great big old entertainment center.  There were so many choices… cabinets with doors to conceal everything or open shelving, custom made wood or do-it-yourself particle board.  Whatever the options, an entertainment center was always a major piece of furniture.

I say “was” because almost overnight, TV’s became lightweight and flat.  VCR’s became obsolete.  The other devices stopped being necessary or they are now very small.  Where does that leave the good old entertainment center?  At the thrift store.  There are rows and rows of them.

So, I saw a couple of these beauties and guess what I am doing with them?  Fulfilling a long time dream…  I AM OPENING A STORE!!!  WOO-HOO-HOO!!!!

My goodness!  I had to double space to calm down.  I am so, so excited.  Actually, Saavy Designs, LLC will be a store within a store.  I will sell decorator fabrics, trims and custom blinds at New Leaf Consignment Gallery in Auburn, AL.  I will also handle anything you do with the fabric, such as draperies, custom bedding or upholstery.  Sometimes two heads are better than one so count on me for design consultations!  And, I am still doing decorating, staging or redesigns.

So, what does all of this have to do with the entertainment centers?  With the help of my wonderful husband, I painted them black, added rods, hooks, lighting, electricity and they are now store display cabinets!  I admit they look even better than I imagined.

Please come by and check them out.  You can look at fabric and visit with me too! Open House will be January 27 from noon until 8:00 pm.  Until then, here is a sneak peek!  Check out the sign, I made that from an old door.  Cool, huh!

I really look forward to seeing everyone!


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