Inspiring Spaces

What inspires me?  Lots of things.  I cleaned my kitchen, I mean really cleaned it.  The countertops sparkle.  The sink is empty.  The bar doesn’t have a single piece of mail laying on it.  So, it just felt right to start cooking.  And that is when I started getting creative.  Dinner didn’t just taste good that night.  It looked good too! 

The opposite happened when I went to an afternoon long seminar last week.  I guess the information was okay but the room was awful.  It was dark, almost black.  The chairs were uncomfortable.  There was one piece of art on the wall.  My husband said it looked like a product of a road stripe painting crew.  Ha!  I walked away feeling like I didn’t learn much and a lot of it had to do with that distracting room. 

A few days later I went to a business lunch at Acre, a local restaurant.  The food was awesome.  I found another fried green tomato to die for.  And, the working part of the lunch was so productive.  Again, it had a lot to do with the environment, this time in a good way.  There was light coming in the windows.  The décor was interesting and these chairs were comfortable.  We talked, we planned and we left feeling great.  Eating that good food filled our tummies but the space inspired our brains.

I know I sound like a test subject for somebody’s research project.  Study after study says that people are really affected by their surroundings.  Clean spaces, natural light, pleasing décor and comfortable room arrangements make us feel better.  And when we feel good we get creative, at least I do! 

The kitchen is still clean and I haven’t checked the mail.  I should go start dinner before a catalog or bill sneak onto the bar and ruin my next inspirational moment.

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