Property Brothers Fans, Take Note

Thursday is a great day at for fabric shoppers at New Leaf.  Why?  Because we always have someone there from 10:00 until 2:00 to help you with choosing fabric!  Well I think that is pretty great because I like helping folks with fabric.  BUT—that isn’t the greatest thing.  Last Thursday we got the new line of Premier Fabrics.  They aren’t just any fabrics.  They are Scott Living Fabrics!!!

Scott Living?  Why does that get three exclamation points?  Because they are from Jonathan and Drew Scott, The Property Brothers from HGTV!  How exciting is that?!?

Anyone who watches their shows knows they have great style.  So, no surprise that these fabrics are awesome.  They are mostly cotton and, of course, printed by Premier, right next door in Mississippi.  There are lots of geometric designs but quite a few that aren’t.  Love grey and neutrals?  They have what you need.  Colors?  They have that too. 

One more exciting thing, Scott Living Prints are only $25 per yard!! 

Here are a few examples of what we have.  Please come by to see even more. 

Until next time….

Fabric 1.jpg

Fabric 2.jpg

Fabric 3.jpg

Fabric 4.jpg

Fabric 5.jpg

Fabric 6.jpg




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