The Big Reveal

To me, one of the best parts of home improvement shows is the big reveal.  Okay, I also get a kick out of people who think they can’t buy a house because they don’t like the paint color, but that is another story.  The big reveal is when we and, of course, the home owners, get to see the fruits of the TV designer’s labors.  All those ideas that make viewers talk to the screen are no longer a weird craft projects or random pieces of furniture.  They are now part of a complete picture that almost always looks great.

I am lucky to have a job that allows me to have big reveal moments.  Probably the closest I come to television is staging.  I often say that decorating is a marathon.  Staging is a sprint.  Television design shows condense 6 weeks or even months of work into 30 minutes to an hour.  Clients sometimes have a hard time getting their mind around why it would take 3-6 months to finish a project.  Staging isn’t like that. 

Believe it or not, buyers really are a lot like those people on TV.  Most folks can’t visualize an empty room.  A whole house of empty rooms is overwhelming.  Staging is quickly furnishing and accessorizing a house to get potential buyers to see it as a home.   They can see themselves living there.  They don’t have to think about where to put the sofa because one is already in a good spot.  They realize just how much room is in a bedroom because a bed is there.  That is why statistics tell us that staged homes sell much more quickly than empty ones!

So, how is that like TV?  I can’t do it in 30 minutes or even an hour but, in one day, we unload cars full of accessories into an empty house.  The furniture truck shows up and delivers all the furniture.  In just a few short hours we see the transformation from an empty shell to a furnished home!  I am wowed every single time and I am the one who does it!   The table is set for dinner, art is on the wall and the bed is made. 

Want to see?  Here are a few before and after shots from a recent staging.  I still think, Wow!

before 1     after 1

before 2    after 2

before 3     after 3

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