Who are these People?

SD Columbus.pngWho are these People? Where are they? and Why are they smiling when they look so tired?

These folks are the Saavy Designs Team.  Vonda, Design Assistant, is on the left.  Vonda does fabric consultations in the Auburn store, does a lot of the leg work for design projects and just tries to be helpful. 

To the right is Aspen.  She is the newest member of our team.  Aspen recently got her Certificate of Interior Decorating and is completing an internship with us for a few months before becoming a decorator with Saavy Designs.  She will be assisting with projects and doing fabric consultations at the Columbus store (More about that below.)

Right in the middle is Sharon, the heart and soul of Saavy Designs. Sharon is the Decorator, Stager, Redesigner, Custom Window Treatment Consultant and Manager of everything Saavy Designs.

So, where are we? We are in Columbus, GA.  If you didn’t catch that big hint above, we are now offering the same fabrics and window treatments in Columbus that we have in Auburn.  Just like in Auburn, we are located in New Leaf Galleries.  And, just like in Auburn, we offer free consultations for fabric.  Not sure which fabric to choose for a project.  Call us, we can help.

Look at us! We were exhausted!  So why the smiles?  Well, we just finished setting up Saavy Designs Fabric and Window Treatments in the Columbus, GA, New Leaf Galleries!!  Excited doesn’t begin to describe how we feel.  Please come see us.  We will be glad to help! 

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