The Story of Wood

One of the best parts of our visit to Atlanta’s Market was getting to meet the designers/artists who produce different products.  Their stories were fascinating!  We met a former South African banker who now creates furnishings with natural South African materials.  Two, really cool, world traveling women welcomed us like old friends.  They told all about their inspriration to create a new versions of classic pieces.  We were enthralled by the tales of the designer whose furnitue was based on wallpaper designs of a 20th century essentric, often referred to as the Australian CoCo Chanel.

And then there was Carroll by Design.  David Carroll from Smiths Station and lives with his family in Nashville.  Several years ago, David was designing lighting for his own home.  He came across a wood supplier who had reclaimed barn wood.  The supplier also had photos and the story behind the wood.  It was wood the 19th century barn builder gathered from Nashville’s Centennial Exhibition.  The Carrolls were inspired and  began purchasing wood from other historic structures.  They have pieces of Sea Biscuit’s home race track, Boston Harbor, pioneer cabins and more.

What do the Carrolls do with this wood?  They create amazing light fixtures.  Everything about them highlights the wood and begs for it’s story to be told.  It is such a beautiful way to preserve history that would otherwise be discarded.

So, if anyone would like one of these pieces, we can order it.  Of course it comes with a photo and the story!  That’s not all!  If you have your own piece of wood that is crying to be remembered, the Carrolls create custom pieces.

Let us know if you are interested.  We can help!

SD Wood Light

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