I Didn’t Know

by Vonda Gordon, Design Assistant

I can’t tell you how often I hear someone say, “I didn’t know there was fabric at New Leaf!”  There is!  So, I thought I would take a few blogs and tell the long version of what we have, how to order and what services we offer.

What do we have? Saavy Designs has decorator fabric in New Leaf Galleries in Auburn, AL and Columbus, GA.  I work in the Auburn store, tucked between the mattresses and the Shady Lady Lampshades.  Columbus’ fabrics are near the Annie Sloan Chalkpaint area and Aspen works there.

When I say we have fabric, I don’t mean we have bolts like a traditional fabric store.  What we have, are thousands of samples from three different companies, Magnolia, Kasmir and Leon’s.

Magnolia fabric samples are larger pieces and they are hanging individually.  If you come in the store you can browse through and compare to your heart’s content.  When you find a piece you like, look on the back to get the pattern name.  Pattern names and per yard prices are listed alphabetically in the black binder on the table.  We offer a discount for orders of 3 yards or more.  That price is in there too!

Samples of Kasmir Fabrics and Leon’s Fabrics are in books.  The larger books contain larger prints and the smaller books have solids or smaller prints.  Many books are grouped into color families such as blues, greens, yellows…. you get the idea.  Some books contain all the colors of a single type of fabric.  For example, there is a Kasmir book that contains all the available colors of velvet!

When you find a piece you like, look on the back of the sample to get the pattern name.  Then, look in very back of the book for the per yard price.  Again, you can come in, relax and just browse!

Look for the next blog.  I will tell you about getting help with choosing and with ordering!

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