Choices, Choices

by Vonda Gordon, Design Assistant

Sometimes you have so many choices, you just can’t decide.  That happens all the time with fabric.  Here are some tips to help you.

  • Good old common sense is a good place to start.  Feel the fabric.  Lighter weights are often good for window treatments and heavier weights are often good for upholstery.  But, that isn’t always the case.  Want to know for sure?  Look at the back.


  • The back of the tag has something called “double rubs.”  That number is important.  The factory has a machine that simulates sitting on fabric over and over.  A double rub of 30,000 will show wear when you sit on it that many times.  It is also twice as durable as a double rub of 15,000.


  • Afraid of light colors?  Look at the back.  It might be stain resistant.  Want natural fibers?  Content information is there too.


  • When it comes to what goes best with your project, you have some choices too.  Store lighting and home lighting are different.  You can check out a sample for a day or two.


  • Another choice is getting samples sent to your home.  You get to keep them and they are FREE!  Just give me a call and I will place the order.  When they come, you can live with them a while, look at them in different lights and just make sure which choice is just right.


  • Finally, if you still can’t decide.  I can help!  You might catch me in the store.  Or, give me a call or a text.  I can meet you just about any time.  Again, no charge.  If you let me know what you are thinking, I might be able to have some ideas ready for you.

Here is my number 334-734-9558.  Please call or text.  I would love, love, love to help!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Easter!!

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