The House We Didn’t Decorate

By: Vonda Gordon, Design Assistant

A couple of years ago we met with the nicest young couple who had just moved to Auburn from out of state.  They had a baby girl and a lot of hand-me-down apartment furniture.  It was time to upgrade to a grown-up look.

We discovered their likes, dislikes, ideas and quandaries.  Yes, to navy blue but no, to their old sofa.  A space to host overnight guests was needed.  An old family chair had to stay.  Arranging a shallow sun porch was difficult.  Ideas for displaying photos was a must. 

Sharon got busy with a plan.

Meeting number two was super exciting.  That old family chair just needed new navy upholstery to coordinate with a new leather sofa suited to the scale of the room.  The chair would look especially nice near the living room window.

The sun room would do double duty as a sitting area and as a guest room.  Sharon suggested they either get a daybed swing or a murphy bed.  Either would accommodate the daily use of reading and relaxing as well as giving occasional guests a fun place to sleep.

All those pictures of places the couple visited and of people the couple loved, needed to be sorted.  They were to choose a dozen or so of the very best ones, put them in matching frames of multiple sizes and create a gallery wall.  This collection would solve another one of their problems.  That wall was huge and blank.  It was also beside a natural walking path that furniture would obstruct!

There were other ideas for managing space, updating finishes and repurposing belongings.  We left a fabric sample, an upholsterer’s phone number and a copy of their plan. 

And then…. we were done.

This couple had a limited budget but they were resourceful and motivated.  What they most needed was direction.  Sharon’s plan gave them that.  They knew what to do and they started doing it.  Every few months the wife calls to touch base or to ask a question.   

That house would have been fun to decorate.  However, we were still pleased to empower someone to make their house beautiful. 

Are you a person who just needs a plan?  We can do that.  Give us a call.  We will meet with you, make lots of suggestions and point you in the right direction.  To get you started, here are some gallery wall ideas. 

We look forward to hearing from you!


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