Dorm Décor

by Vonda Gordon, Design Assistant

When I was expecting my twins, I discovered two firmly entrenched nursery decorating camps.  One group created beautiful, magazine-worthy rooms.  The others had very practical, austere spaces.  Both were totally in love with their little ones and neither were a good fit for me.  I wanted a room that looked good but my resources were too limited to purchase the items found in baby boutiques.  My place was somewhere in the middle.

Fast forward eighteen years and those camps are still around.  Where am I?  Again, I am somewhere in the middle.  I have a boy and a girl who are both moving to dorms this fall.  When it comes to decorating a dorm room, the boy doesn’t care and the girl has her own Pinterest page. 

I will start with my boy.  I told him, “This is your home away from home for the next year and you will not be living with just four white walls and a mattress.”  His university only has suite-style housing so he gets his own bedroom with lots of storage.  I took him to Target and we found a comfy, cheap-but-sturdy, folding chair.  I narrowed bedding and towels to some affordable choices.  He picked.  I made sure everything went together and we were done…I thought.  My husband and I found a twenty dollar rug at Walmart.  I found a five dollar magnetic message board.   Now I think we are done….unless we find something else…

The girl is a different story.  We are a lot alike.  (I have a Pinterest page too.)  So, we are a team for this project.  Her dorm is also suite style.  She has her own bedroom but she doesn’t have a lot of storage.  My girl bought a used bookcase that doubles as a headboard.  We visited a thrift store and found a hutch for her desk.  We went in together to buy bedding…quilt, blanket, throw, pillows…  It is going to look great!  

She found a white wicker chair at New Leaf that was only eleven dollars!  She painted it and I made a cushion for it.  We are sewing monograms on towels and I am making a window valance.  She is making a ribbon message board and has a few other little projects going. 

I am loving this entire process and not just because I love to decorate.  I love the time I get to spend with both the boy and the girl.  My boy says he doesn’t care but, there was a quickly-hidden twinkle in his eye when we showed him the rug and message board.  My girl got excited when she found coordinating towels.  I didn’t try to hide a smile.  I was excited too! 

Here is a picture of the chair and the message board.


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