DIY…Extra Thrifty!

by Vonda Gordon: Design Assistant

My dining room has become a staging area for dorm room prep.  This project isn’t a Saavy Design project but, there are a few little touches that are so cute and budget friendly I thought I would share them.

First is the flat window valance.  I made it with $3 fabric from Walmart.  We took it to a local embroidery shop for monogramming.   Embroidery this size would be pricey so we got them to do iron-on letters.  Fabric, trim and monogram totaled to less than $15!


We used left over fabric for a matching message board.  The base is just an inexpensive cork board.  I had some left-over quilt batting we wrapped around the board before wrapping it with the fabric.  The handy-dandy staple gun helped us stretch it smooth.  Trim nails got poked where some ribbon I had on hand crossed.  The final cost was just under $10!

Ribbon Board

The dollar store had some cute, plastic 8X10 frames for $3.  We painted them silver and printed some pretty and  meaningful Bible verses.  Three pieces of framed wall art totaled $9!


The best part of all of this is getting to spend time with my girl doing things we both love.  She is awesome and her dorm is going to look awesome too!  I will be sure to share a pic when it is done.


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