All Moved In

By Vonda Gordon, Design Assistant

Three days, two colleges, two dorms…we were exhausted…physically, mentally, emotionally…I confess, I cried…more than once.

But that is all another story.  The story here is mostly in pictures.  My girl’s room didn’t turn out like we planned.  There were bump outs for ductwork, electrical, etc. that made us create a plan B.  It was all good in the end and I think it turned out better than we hoped.  I know my girl was excited. 

Keep in mind, the pictures don’t do justice to how tiny these rooms are. 

image1 (1)                 image3

My boy’s room doesn’t really fit on the cute scale but, well, he’s a guy.  He is all about function…and Marvel. 

He is a good boy who, if I show a little restraint, tolerates his mother who fusses over matching colors, storage containers and throw pillows. 

image1 (5)      image3 (4)

Now we, my husband and I, are still exhaling and remembering what it was like before twins.  That too is another story.

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