The Rug Problem…Solved!

We had a problem.  Most folks have wood floors, and wood floors need rugs.  Rugs do so much.  They anchor a space, create conversation areas, help with noise, and feel good to bare feet.  Our problem was, we couldn’t find the rugs we recommended. 

What did we do?  We began searching for a vendor with quality rugs that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.  At the end of a long search, we found Jaunty Rugs and we couldn’t be more pleased.  Jaunty has a great selection of styles from traditional to contemporary.   Rug fibers range from natural to synthetic.  And, they come in custom sizes as well as traditional sizes.  Most of all, they look and feel great! 

We are constantly adding to a selection of Jaunty samples in both the Auburn and Columbus New Leaf stores.  If you stop by, you can see how fabulous they are.   There is a book on the table with prices and with catalogs.

Here are a few samples from the Auburn store.  Let us know if you are interested in a rug. We can help!

Rug 2
Soho Collection, Mist
Rug 3
Legacy Collection, Aqua
Rug 4
Allure Collection, Sand
Rug 1
If you come in the Auburn store, you can see this one. Royal Taj, Navy


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