I never met a Girl Scout cookie I didn’t like.  Samoas are my personal favorite, but Tag-A-Longs are in the running for second.  Cookies aren’t the only favorite with that name.  Kasmir has a Tag-A-Longs collection of fabrics containing several customer favorites.

Why are Kasmir Tag-A-Longs so well liked?

  • The patterns are smaller.  If you need a small print to complement a larger one or, if you just want something subtle, Tag-A-Longs are for you.  Designs range from tiny to medium.
  • The quality is great!  Most of these fabrics have high double-rubs.  That is the factory term for high durability.
  • Many of the designs are timeless.  Our customers often want to re-upholster traditional pieces of furniture.  The Tag-A-Long collection has classic but updated looks.
  • There is so much texture.  The woven fabrics have such a rich depth.  You just want to touch it.
  • Many of the patterns come in a variety of colors.

If you want to see these classics, come by the Auburn Store.  Look for them in small books with the other Kasmir Fabrics.


Here are a few popular patterns that come in several colors.

Martinez- Chambray
This has worked so well on wing back chairs. It comes in quite a few colors too. I think my favorite was a navy one with little gold dots.
Ebb Tide- Atlantic
A customer covered some fairly traditional side chairs with Ebb Tide to give them a funky, contemporary look.
Colville- Delft
Colville also comes in several colors. It looked great on a side chair.
Petite Fleur- Poppy
A client had a blue bolster pillow made with Petite Fleur. It looked so nice with her bedding.


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