Christmas 1914

While helping family members go through my deceased aunt’s belongings, my mother found a piece of filet crochet that said Christmas 1914.  She wasn’t positive which family member made it but still had it framed and gave it to me for Christmas.  It has gone on my wall every year since.

The year 2014 was a huge transitional year for my family.  My husband got a new job that caused us to relocate across the state.  We sold our house, bought a new one, started a new school, found a new church…. It was a lot!  As we began to prepare for Christmas in our new home, I thought it would be special to make a Christmas 2014 piece.  We had it framed and now display 2014 with 1914.  I look at them and think about an unknown person who had no idea her work would hang on my wall.  I also think about the year we had so many new beginnings. 

I signed the back of my piece.  If both make it another hundred years, perhaps someone will remember the person who made it.  Maybe they will know how to crochet and will frame Christmas 2114! 

1914Merry Christmas 2018 and Happy New Year 2019!

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