My Trip to Biltmore

Interior Design plus travel is a win-win situation! This Design travel blog concerns my thoughts and observations from my trip to Biltmore this fall.

What impressed me the most about this estate, (and there is much to impress) were the grounds that were designed by a man named Frederick Law Olmstead, the very same landscape designer who designed Central Park. A college dropout due to sumac poisoning, he built his reputation one plant at a time. I loved the way he had wide open spaces of meadows, ponds and trees for a restful soothing look, but then he also had more rugged landscapes with rocks, shrubs and ferns.  We were told during our tour of the Biltmore that he was quoted as saying that every home should have a park around it. A pretty tall order, but I like the idea! As you get out in your yard this season to plan and create, here is another quote from him to inspire:

“I have all my life been considering distant effects and always sacrificing immediate success and applause to that of the future. In laying out Central Park [1858} we determined to think of no result to be realized in less than 40 years.”

I hope you are enjoying this spring as much as I am, and I look to see you in our new location in Expressions Design Gallery in Opelika when it opens!

Sharon Saavedra

Frederick Law Olmstead

John Singer Sargent painting of Frederick Law Olmstead hanging in the Biltmore. The Vanderbilt’s were friends with the artist, and he was their go to portrait painter.

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