Trends in Christmas Trees!

It’s just about turkey time, but if you’re like me, you’ve already been planning when, where and what to do with your Christmas tree. In this blog, I thought I’d share some of the trends that are happening with Christmas trees this year in case you’re looking for some fresh inspiration.

One of the first big trends is bringing nature into your tree. Examples of this are the flocked trees (which is back in a big way!), succulent trees, and using pine cones, bark, and twig ornaments. A lovely twist is candles in lanterns as well. Finally, an interesting, popular variation of the natural tree is the Sunflower tree; it’s worth a Pinterest!

Sunflower Christmas Tree

The next fad that happens to be one of my favorites, is the addition of the color blue to the traditional palette. Think of a deep blue, like cerulean or cobalt etc..A way to work with this is to pair it with turquoise and golds on a flocked Christmas tree. Yummy!

Blue and Gold Christmas Tree

Finally, a couple of other current thoughts to mention are lights and little! Little trees are making a huge showing. Perhaps with smaller urban areas, and a growing desire to be sustainable, these are very popular. The wall tree, the succulent tree, these are examples of mini trees that are big! As far as lights are concerned, the more the better this season on your Christmas tree. Layer large bulb lights with twinkle lights and fairy lights. One decorator paired the light trend with another, the black Christmas tree, for maximum impact.

Black Christmas Tree

I hope you’ve enjoyed the latest from the Christmas tree runway! Even if you’re a red and green classicist like me, it’s always fun to hear the latest and glean an idea or two to freshen up a timeless palette.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sharon Saavedra

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