Interior Design & Re-Design

Interior Design:

Are you looking for the services of an Interior Decorator to help you with a new home or a renovation of an existing home? I will gladly work with you from the ground up if need be. From coordinating space planning for your floor plans, to selecting paint colors and furniture, I have the experience and training to help you realize your design goals. I enjoy working with you to see it all come together!My design fee is $85 an hour, and I also use the services of a design assistant at $40 an hour. When you think in terms of money saved from wrong color choices, wrong furniture choices, and wasted time, my fee is a great investment to get you started out right.


Re-design is for you if you mostly want to use what you already have.  Maybe you’re looking for a new furniture arrangement, a new paint color, or to add a few key pieces.  I can help you with that; no job is too small!  Together, we will create a plan to give your room a fresh look.


Previous work for inspiration

These rooms needed some sprucing up & I have added them here for you to peruse for some inspiration in your own project!

I strive to pay attention to all the little details, they really make all the difference! Here’s a nice sampling of some close-up shots of those details.



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