Do you have your furniture but just need that perfect rug to pull it all together? I have good news for you! I have beautiful hand woven, lush pile, wool rugs from Jaunty Company Inc to offer you!

Wool is the ‘go to’ fiber for top quality rugs. Known for its natural stain and crush resistance, wool is also naturally flame retardant. Wool is long wearing and comfortable to the touch with a soft sheen. Other fibers used in the construction of Jaunty rugs are viscose (often used as accents to add a shimmering effect), hemp and polyester. Jaunty rugs are hand tufted in India, edges are hand surged, patterns are hand colored in by an artist and can be 100% wool or a wool blend with other natural fibers. It’s truly a rug to last a lifetime!

Jaunty does not offer their products to online discount retailers. Moreover, Jaunty does not brand itself! So contact me to see what all I have to offer you!



Please keep in mind these are just some average prices, it could change depending on the rug and size you choose. The rugs come in rectangle, round, square, runner and oversize. They can also be made in custom sizes and shapes. 

5’x8′ $800

5’x11′ $1,850

9’6″x13′ $2,500

18″ samples are also available upon request for $20.

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